Uncommon Pictures is an illustration, animation and video studio, run by Emma Plunkett – with her widely varied, yet beautifully matched technical and artistic experience.

The aim is to create clear visual interpretations of your organisation’s or business’s materials and messages. They can support and reinforce your message, while making your presentation, review or report 100% more fun to take in.

Emma Plunkett

Emma Plunkett Artist

Emma is a London born and educated visual artist – with a professional working knowledge of Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Moho Pro (2D vector animation software), Modul8 and DSLR cameras (adept at shooting video, operating lights and audio equipment). She is a veritable organisation and action machine. Very few people are able to perform and create at the speed she does.

But that speed doesn’t come at the cost of precision: instead, because of her endless curiosity, she reaches deep insights as to what an image should not only say, but also what it should make the viewer feel.

This mix between rapid execution and highly effective visuals is what makes her work so valuable. And the fact that she’s an artist with an enormous sense of humour means that she’s able to take any weighty subject and interpret it in a way that makes it lighter and more palatable – while never losing sight of the priority: your message, communicated to your viewer with clarity.

Emma is full of ideas and is an active social media user with experience of various social channels. She is also familiar with a variety of online marketing concepts, including being a WordPress and Mailchimp user.

Emma has a full clean driving license, her own car, a BA (hons) in fine art and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.