Mobile photography and videography studio

Based in Barcelona – Emma can travel, depending on the job!

  • Attractive photographs are one of the key elements for online sales!
  • Make having your photos taken, fun!
  • Get exactly the photos you need and more!


Everyone needs a decent portrait of themselves these days – for social media, team pages and to use as an icon on messaging platforms. Emma finds that a good one can last up to a few years. However, it’s difficult enough to tie oneself down in front of a decent camera on a good hair day, not alone getting all of ones team members to each deliver an image that has the right feel and fits your brand.

Plus Emma can help you learn to feel at ease in front of the camera. I mean look at all the soft expressions from everyone below – they were all teased out.

  1. Choose your style – black and white or colour?
  2. Choose your background – black, white or neutral?

Or perhaps you have a message you want to deliver on video, with good clean sound, lighting and background?

Product photography

Clean, crisp white backgrounds are the way to go – maybe with a gentle, light shadow. You know what you are looking for when you buy online – you check the photograph for details, for quality and to see the type of finish. You want to see the scale illustrated and to imagine what the product would look like at home or in a work environment. Even better is when you get to see the product in action.

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Create clear client expectations – let people see exactly what they are going to get.

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This mobile photo/video studio can be set up in your location.

  • Team photos taken all in one go
  • Shoot your services on locations
  • Make all your products look sharp!

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Artwork Tour – Emma Plunkett

Watch as Emma meticulously lights and films a selection of her artwork, presenting it as beautifully as possible, while telling you the inspiration behind it. This video contains a compilation of footage taken at exhibitions and from studio shoots. You can listen to Emma’s insights and take a glimpse inside her new art studio. You could see this video as a type of serving suggestion, as to how the artwork could be exhibited in a gallery or an art lovers collection. Emma’s artwork is varied, spanning across different art materials and subjects, though she tends to concentrate on the female form, from the experience of being female. She hasn’t been able to include everything, though this should give you a good taster!

Wes Somerville – Light Sculptures

This film is about artist Wes Somerville. Emma pinned Wes down to talk about his light sculptures and explain his creative process – through a series of interview questions, he explains (in detail) his inspiration and demonstrates how he makes his light sculptures. We get to see under the bonnet of his artwork, as he articulates beautifully where his artwork stems from. Emma filmed him in his art studio and in numerous gallery settings. Wes and Emma have been exhibiting alongside each other for a number of years, during which time Emma has been collecting footage of Wes’s art. She suggested that Wes invest in an edit, so he can easily illustrate the complexities of his artwork to his wider audience. Please contact Wes for commissions – his email is at the end of the video.

Art exhibition video

Emma Plunkett made this video to promote a group art exhibition – the artwork is casually filmed (without a tripod), in an elegant art gallery setting. She developed the voice over, on the fly, from several takes of speaking freely about things that are relevant to the show and to the art world in general. She cut the pertinent points into the film and then wrote a transcript from it. Emma then recorded the whole voice over again, to give it a fluid feel.


The Pocket Oxford Theatre Company brings Shakespeare to schools. Emma has worked with this theatre company for many years, doing live video projections as well as documenting performances. The challenge in this film was to make a short 4-minute film from an hour-long play – filming from just two live performances. She took a long shot of the whole stage from the first performance. From the second performance, she and a second camera person shot the close-ups from either side of the stage. Capturing the action in close -up was a challenge, keeping one eye on the camera and one on where the performers might tread next.

Babyloss awareness week

A story for Babyloss Awareness Week

Today marks the start of Babyloss Awareness Week here in the UK. To help raise awareness of the impact of pregnancy loss, we’re launching the animation below which we’d love you to share with your family and friends.This short animation, illustrated by Emma Plunkett and voiced by Amy Swales, who have both experienced miscarriage, highlights how difficult the experience of loss can be and how important having someone to talk to can be during this time. For more information about how the Miscarriage Association can help those affected by a loss, visit: #babylossawarenessweek #babyloss #blaw16

Posted by The Miscarriage Association on Sunday, 9 October 2016


This animation has had 220K views on Facebook and was a finalist in the 2018 Charity Film Awards. Emma was commissioned by Joanna Duchesne, Managing Director at The Service, to illustrate this animation for The Miscarriage Association, for baby loss awareness week. First off, Emma created the look, with pen and ink drawings over watercolour backgrounds. She then developed the story board alongside the client. Joanna produced the film and Amy Swales did the voice over.

International volunteers day

The Date Tree

We do not always see the benefits of our actions. But that doesn't mean they're not important.#Volunteering #IVD2016

Posted by International Citizen Service (ICS) on Monday, 5 December 2016


This animation has 29K views on Facebook. The Date Tree is an animation adapted from a folk tale for International Volunteers Day. Emma created the visual interpretation for the storyboard, she then illustrated and animated the film using source material of actors she directed and filmed. Commissioned and produced by The Service for ICS.

Work wise

Work wise is a film that was devised, filmed and edited by Emma Plunkett. Originally it was made up from quotes by members of staff, for a corporate conference, with the theme: ninja’s.

She later decided to adapt the film slightly, by adding her own choice of quotes. This is so she can demonstrate to you the possibilities of her film making in this portfolio. Imagine having a custom made video for your event – with your team’s quotes…

International women’s day

On International Women's Day, it's time to raise up with the women who stand up for the many, who march for the rights of all. (via International Citizen Service (ICS), video by VSO/Emma Plunkett)

Posted by Upworthy on Wednesday, 8 March 2017


The Women’s Public Service Announcement

This animation was made in less than two weeks and garnered 2.2K views, when it was shared on the Upworthy Facebook channel.

Emma was commissioned by The Service, a London based production company that make social impact films within the arts, charity and education sector. They produced this animation for ICS (International Citizen Service) and VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas).

Initially, The Service asked Emma if she was interested in just illustrating a poem by ICS volunteer Anisa Nur. In the end, she visually interpreted the poem for the storyboard, made all the drawings, then animated and edited it in time for International Women’s Day.

The thing is, she was so inspired by the powerful words of the poem, that she decided to take up the challenge, even though time was short. She put her life on hold and packed nearly two weeks’ worth of work into one.

The Sugar Factory Art Exhibition

Emma Plunkett filmed and edited this very short showreel of a 50 person art exhibition, that she and Jan Pozivil organised. The setting is the stunning venue of the Sugar Factory Pilar of Motril, Granada, Spain. Here are a few highlights from the spectacular 3 week exhibition. Music by Xian Ra.