Mobile photography and videography studio

Based in Barcelona – Emma can travel, depending on the job!

  • Attractive photographs are one of the key elements for online sales!
  • Make having your photos taken, fun!
  • Get exactly the photos you need and more!


Everyone needs a decent portrait of themselves these days – for social media, team pages and to use as an icon on messaging platforms. Emma finds that a good one can last up to a few years. However, it’s difficult enough to tie oneself down in front of a decent camera on a good hair day, not alone getting all of ones team members to each deliver an image that has the right feel and fits your brand.

Plus Emma can help you learn to feel at ease in front of the camera. I mean look at all the soft expressions from everyone below – they were all teased out.

  1. Choose your style – black and white or colour?
  2. Choose your background – black, white or neutral?

Or perhaps you have a message you want to deliver on video, with good clean sound, lighting and background?

Product photography

Clean, crisp white backgrounds are the way to go – maybe with a gentle, light shadow. You know what you are looking for when you buy online – you check the photograph for details, for quality and to see the type of finish. You want to see the scale illustrated and to imagine what the product would look like at home or in a work environment. Even better is when you get to see the product in action.

These luxury home sports items can be purchased at BKG Sport Spain.


Create clear client expectations – let people see exactly what they are going to get.

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This mobile photo/video studio can be set up in your location.

  • Team photos taken all in one go
  • Shoot your services on locations
  • Make all your products look sharp!

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