Art exhibition video

Emma Plunkett made this video to promote a group art exhibition – the artwork is casually filmed (without a tripod), in an elegant art gallery setting. She developed the voice over, on the fly, from several takes of speaking freely about things that are relevant to the show and to the art world in general. She cut the pertinent points into the film and then wrote a transcript from it. Emma then recorded the whole voice over again, to give it a fluid feel.


The Pocket Oxford Theatre Company brings Shakespeare to schools. Emma has worked with this theatre company for many years, doing live video projections as well as documenting performances. The challenge in this film was to make a short 4-minute film from an hour-long play – filming from just two live performances. She took a long shot of the whole stage from the first performance. From the second performance, she and a second camera person shot the close-ups from either side of the stage. Capturing the action in close -up was a challenge, keeping one eye on the camera and one on where the performers might tread next.

Work wise

Work wise is a film that was devised, filmed and edited by Emma Plunkett. Originally it was made up from quotes by members of staff, for a corporate conference, with the theme: ninja’s.

She later decided to adapt the film slightly, by adding her own choice of quotes. This is so she can demonstrate to you the possibilities of her film making in this portfolio. Imagine having a custom made video for your event – with your team’s quotes…

PaSEaR – art film

This is an epic art film by Charely Case – commissioned by Sala Parpalló, Diputación de Valéncia. Emma created a version of the film that rotates in a circle, that was projected from the ceiling into a concrete concave sphere in their gallery. The content of the film is the culmination of many years of Charley filming, drawing and photographing from around the world. Charley collaborated with Emma Plunkett to bring the whole film to life in a single edit. Emma brought all her filmmaking expertise to the edit – sometimes layering, sometimes animating and sometimes helping with the storytelling.