Why Emma?

Because Emma specialises in communicating the complex and the challenging

Getting an idea or insight across, or getting buy-in or support from an audience, can be tricky.

Especially when the content is complex, dense, delicate or challenging: the more mental energy a viewer or reader needs to expend, the sooner they will ‘tune out’ and lose focus on your message.

That message, by the way, that you really need to get into their system.

That’s exactly why Uncommon Pictures is so powerful: the right visual, with the right feeling and message –  psychologically attuned to the material at hand, and the mindset, attention and interest of the viewer.

That’s how important materials and business data do their job.

And Emma’s job is to create illustrations, animations, photographs and videos that get your message into your audience’s head, be it social media followers, shareholders, executives, trainees or supporters of your charity.

At Uncommon Pictures, Emma creates powerful illustrations, animations, photographs and videos that do just that:

Get your point across in an engaging way, no matter what the content might be.

Uncommon Pictures’ creative consists of founder Emma Plunkett – a visual artist with decades of experience in communication, user experience, education, business – and visually delivering messages with impact.